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European and Mediterranean Cruises

Several cruise ships off-shore in Santorini

Some of the very best vacation and holiday experiences are made possible by traveling on the many European and Mediterranean cruises listed here.

In addition to finding helpful information about cruise ships and ports, you can also share your experiences and read about the adventures of others.

The Mediterranean Sea is a fantastic holiday destination. Whether you like history, culture, beaches, cities, amazing scenery or fantastic food, it's all accessible here.

This guide is written by real travelers so you will get real stories, real experiences and a totally independent look at how to get everything you want out of your sailing adventure.

The Best of Europe...

What better way to see as much as possible without all the hassle of land travel? Seeing the most and best of Europe in one holiday trip has never been so relaxing.

  • Which cruise areas in the Mediterranean do you want to explore? Check out our descriptions of the major areas visited by popular cruise lines.
  • Which cruise lines will suit your needs? From big US cruise lines to small sailing ships, take your pick based on the information in our categorized lists.
  • Which Mediterranean ports would you like to visit? Are you a beach bum or more of a culture vulture? The Med has it all. Use our guide to decide what to do in each port of call or to decide which ports you want to include as you choose which ship to take.
  • Are you looking to save money on your cruise? Visit our bargain cruises page for money-saving ideas and cruise bargains.

You'll want to thoroughly explore this planning guide to find your very best choice out of all the cruise packages and plans.

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