A guide to
Mediterranean cruise areas

Anywhere and everywhere!

Choosing the best Mediterranean cruise areas and then deciding on the right itinerary can be mind-boggling.

When I was choosing our first Mediterranean cruise, I knew I had to please everyone. After a lot of research I chose a 7 day trip from Barcelona, which gave us opportunities for sightseeing in Barcelona, Rome and Florence.

The kids were happy with the beautiful beaches in Villefranche-sur-mer and Palermo and my husband was more than happy with an amazing scenic Amalfi Coast drive from Naples along with a few bottles of delicious Limoncello (but not at the same time).

What are your favorite activities?

Do you like beaches? Are you into history, ancient ruins, city sightseeing, delicious food or breathtaking scenery?

Why not combine all of these? You can pick the best itinerary to suit you. There is so much to see, so unless time and money are no object, you may have to prioritize and then come back again to see the rest!

Due to the size of the Mediterranean area, cruise regions are generally divided in to 2 areas:

Western Mediterranean cruises generally cover visits to France, Spain, Italy, North Africa, Portugal, Croatia.

Cruise map of Mediterranean

Eastern Mediterranean cruises generally cover visits to Greece, Turkey, Black Sea, Egypt and North Africa.

Map of Mediterranean

Central Mediterranean cruise itineraries can cover both of these regions.

The larger cruise lines try to fit in as many stops at major mediterranean cruise ports as possible in the timeframe by generally sailing at night and stopping over during the days, with fewer days at sea. The longer your trip, the more days at sea you will likely get.

You can start your Mediterranean cruise from several locations, but Barcelona, Genoa, Istanbul, Athens and Civitavecchia (Rome)are the most popular with the large cruise lines.

You can also set sail from the UK for a 2 week cruise from Southampton during the summer season.

If you want to visit more 'off the beaten track' Mediterranean cruise areas, check out the smaller sailing ship cruises available.

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