Budget Cruises

in the Mediterranean

Easy Cruise

The ultimate in Mediterranean budget cruises, Easycruise now have 2 ships offering cruises from Athens, Bodrum and Rhodes. They usually dock overnight in port so you can sample the evenings ashore if you want to.


  • Cheap and basic
  • More time to explore ashore

Ocean Village

A UK subsidiary of Carnival, Ocean Village cruises are for ‘people that don’t do cruises’. Casual all the way is the premise, affordable to all is the offer.


  • Good value, casual, cheap and cheerful
  • Mostly British market
  • Salsa classes and trapeze wire
  • Entertainment and kids programmes


Offering five ships Thomson cruises are relaxed, casual and affordable, although the all inclusive options may not appeal to all.


  • Good value, casual, younger crowd and families
  • Mostly British market
  • all inclusive drinks package options

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