Sailing Ship Cruises

If you want to experience a proper sailing holiday with an itinerary in the Mediterranean, sailing ship cruises may fit the bill. They will more than likely visit the Turkish, Croatian or Greek islands and will avoid the big cruise ports.

You can also charter your own yacht and sail your own itinerary if you have the right qualifications. Again these generally operate out of the Aegean coastal area.

Star Clippers

These sailing ships with enormous masts and huge billowing sails are known as ‘the mega yacht sailing experience’.

These are cruises for the more adventurous without having to take any risks. Carrying around 200 guests, these ships have slightly more exciting itineraries.


  • Sense of adventure, sailing with the wind and climbing the rigging
  • Complementary water sports

Windstar Cruises

Windstar is at the luxury end of the sailing cruise market their 3 tall ships have computer directed sails. Personalised luxury service is on offer here.


  • Highest crew to guest ratio
  • All ships recently refurbished with state of the art cabins
  • Complementary water sports

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